Powerhouse - 12V Series

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Extremely light, reliable & user-friendly, yet powerful enough to handle a day's fishing! Can be picked up easily with one hand, and fits in small compartments with ease.


- 30% Longer run times over lead acid

- 1/2 the weight of lead acid

- 4x longer lifespan compared to lead acid

- 5x faster charge time compared to lead acid

- 100% safe LiFePO4 technology

Ideal for:
- base power to smaller boats (lights, pumps, accessories)
- base power to kayaks and other smaller water craft.
- graphs, fish finders & electronics that fit a 12v range
- smaller 12v trolling motors (check continuous  vs peak rating before using on your   trolling motor)
- Can use multiple batteries wired in series to equal 24v & 36v setups as well.