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Delivering everything that anglers demand for safe navigation, plus advanced features that provide a technological edge on the competition, the Lowrance C-Map Reveal Inland Maps come loaded with features that make it easier to find productive water. Delivering essential vector data for all types of boating, the Lowrance C-Map Reveal provides full featured vector charting, custom depth shading, shaded relief, bottom composition, raster charts, and much more.


Full featured vector charts – Provide boaters with the accurate, up-to-date vector chart detail including Depth Areas & Contours, Spot Soundings, NavAids, Light Sectors, Wreck/Obstructions, and more.

Custom Depth Shading – Contours to display the highest level of information about underwater pinnacles, ledges, and canyons that are magnets for fish.

High-Resolution Bathymetry – High Resolution detail of nearshore and offshore features such as pinnacles, ledges, and canyons that are magnets for offshore and coastal game fish.

Easyrouting – Automatically plots the shortest, safest route based on detailed chart data and vessel information. Takes to points and generates a suggested route.

Tides & Currents – Features presents the time, water, level and direction of tides with Tide Level graphs and indicates predicted current time, direction, and strength. Flow graphs and colored arrows.

Vegetation – Vegetation layer comes from thousands of C-MAP Genesis & Biobase user's personal sonar trips. 

Bottom Composition – Bottom composition layer comes from thousands of C-MAP Genesis and Biobase user’s personal sonar trips.

Raster Charts – Raster charts bring a traditional paper chart look and feel.

Shaded Relief – Shaded relief will present the data with a 3D appearance, which is easier to interpret versus traditional contour lines.

Satellite Overlay – Satellite imagery provides real-world reference, enhances situational awareness for coastal navigation.

-Detailed marina port plans

-Harbor & approach details

-12-months online updates