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GARMIN Force™ Fresh/Salt/Brackish Water Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Fish with force using the 57” Force™ trolling motor. It’s the most powerful, most efficient trolling motor available yet still extremely quiet. Wireless chartplotter connectivity provides navigation, autopilot and anchor lock capabilities. Use the precise anchor lock to hold your boat in the same location while you fish.

The Force motor also includes high-wide CHIRP traditional sonar and built-in Ultra High-Definition sonar that provides exceptionally clear images with nearly imperceptible sonar noise interference from the motor. The highly efficient brushless motor operates at either 36 V or 24 V to use less energy, so you can fish longer. It includes a wireless foot pedal that provides instant control and responsiveness — yet feels and steers like a cable-steered pedal. The handheld remote control allows you to navigate with simple point-and-go gesture steering.

Wireless Foot Pedal

Enjoy the convenience of a wireless foot pedal. It provides instant control and responsiveness yet feels and steers just like a cable-steered pedal. It operates wirelessly using AA batteries, or — if you prefer — it can be hardwire installed.

Wireless Chartplotter Integration and Built-in Autopilot

Simple integration with your Garmin chartplotter via a wireless connection makes using the built-in autopilot easy. Create routes to your favorite waypoint, and follow tracks while you fish. The built-in autopilot, with integrated heading sensor and GPS, provides anchor lock, heading hold and cruise control. Check your settings on the unit, your chartplotter or sunlight-visible remote display. Just set your track, and it will guide you along your course.

Integrated Sonar

The Force trolling motor comes with an integrated transducer with CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars with imperceptible sonar noise interference. The cable management system protects the built-in transducer cables as well as additional accessories, including the full range of Panoptix™ and Panoptix LiveScope™ sonars. Full sonar support is available for the GPSMAP® 8400/8600xsv and ECHOMAP™ Ultra models only.

Convenient Remote

The included handheld remote control with a sunlight-readable, transflective display offers total control of the trolling motor from anywhere on your boat along with unique point-and-go gesture steering capabilities. There are also user-programmable keys on the remote, which you can use for control of your chartplotter. No need to worry if the remote takes a trip overboard, because it’s water-resistant, and it floats.

Robust and Easy to Use

The Force trolling motor is built to last. It’s rugged and durable yet easy to deploy, and it’s easy to retract and stow with dual gas springs. It’s backed with a 3-year warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the shaft.


  • With more power than its competition, it’s the most powerful trolling motor to get you on fish faster and counter the winds and current to stay on them
  • Extremely quiet high-efficiency brushless motor operates at 36 V or 24 V to keep you on the water longer
  • Can be used in Saltwater, Freshwater or Brackish Water
  • Simple chartplotter integration via wireless connection makes it easy to create routes to waypoints and to follow tracks
  • Precise anchor lock holds your boat in the same location while you fish via integrated heading sensor and GPS
  • Wireless foot pedal provides instant control and responsiveness; feels and steers like a cable-steered pedal