LiveScanner Quad Scan

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Trolling Motor Mount
Include Wireless Remote
Trolling Motor Shaft Length
QUAD SCAN - COMPLETE KIT everything you need to install, your live sonar transducer on your trolling motor with hands free operation.

Back Lit Direction Indicator, Foot Operated, Variable Speed Control, No control box all electronics mounted in head for easier installation, Hands Free panning from side to side, PLUS these new "QUAD SCAN" features:

Section Sweeping:
Set unit to scan 360 degrees
Set unit to scan the port side
Set unit to scan the center
Set unit to scan the starboard side

Allows you to choose to your target zone you are fishing instead of the unit sweeping from side to side, saving time and getting you on the fish quicker!

*Fits Ultrex Lowrance, Garmin and Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motors


1 Year Warranty Electronics, Defects and Workmanship (Excluding Wireless Remote)